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My name is Dorothy. Bibliophile• Tough• Sharp• Headstrong• Cunning• Humorous• Energetic• Stoic• Decisive• I Love God. Because it’s in Him I live, move and exist (Acts 17:28) • I am cold on the outside, warm on the inside (if someone could ever get to know me on the inside)• I have loyalty like a bloodhound for the people I love who have accepted, loved, understood, and stayed with me through thick and thin.• My eyes speak of sorrows even before my heart could fathom it.• I may be spoiled and demanding, but I am a generous and giving person..I could even sacrifice… (oh please I don’t wanna get started)• Right now, I am learning, treading, planning on what path to take so I could have a good future.• PS: I am also a K-drama addict. I have an uncanny ability of memorizing dialogues.•

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reply to the most awkward thing I’ve ever said in my life

december 26 2011, 8:52pm

" Hi. sorry nakatulog na ko kagabi. di nakareply agad busy umuwi ng cavite.. Ok lang yun wag ka masyado mastress. Friends pa din naman tayo. haha. Anung similarities yan? Di ko gusto si Siwon no. haha."

 me: “sure..?”

"oo sure ^^"

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